Midwest Hair AcademyAt Midwest Hair Academy, they have given me the opportunity to work with clients from day one. The on-floor experience, allows you to learn about all types of hair, cutting techniques, styling, and chemical services. Also, you receive one on one training throughout your schooling. I feel my time at Midwest Hair Academy has prepared me for a successful career as a hairstylist!
Traci Murray

Olga Salinas and Leslie MancillasAfter looking at different schools, we can't express how thankful we are to have chosen Midwest Hair Academy. Midwest Hair Academy has opened the doors to us and has given us the opportunity to persue as a barber/stylist. The part-time scheduling gives us the flexibility to come to school and work our jobs. The experience working on different hair textures and having the excellent instructor we have has given us the confidence we need when cutting hair. Our instructor, Dena, is always available and ready to help us and teach us new things. Don't lose the opportunity in joining this school. We guarantee you'll love it, just like we do!!!

Despues de ver varias escuelas, estamos agradecidas por haber escojido Midwest Hair Academy. Esta escuela nos abierto las puertas y nos a dado la oportuniudad de salir como barbera/ estilista. Poder asistir medio tiempo nos ha dado la flexibilidad de venir a la escuela y trabajar en nuestros trabajos. La experiencia que tenemos en trabajar con diferente tipo de pelo y tener a una excelente maestra nos da la confiensa que necesitamos cuando cortamos el pelo. Nuestra maestra Dena siempre esta lista y disponible para ayudarnos e enseñarnos cosas nuevas. No pierdan la oportunidad de venir a esta escuela. Le garantisamos que le encantara como a nosotras!!
Olga Salinas and Leslie Mancillas

Phil HughesMy name is Phil Hughes. I started attending Midwest Hair Academy in July of 2009 and completed my 1500 hours in the spring of 2010. The school was a great opportunity to learn and has more than prepared me for my new career as a barber/stylist. I had the chance to do hundreds of haircuts on both men and women, and people of every ethnic background. The instruction is great and I liked it so much that I enrolled my daughter a couple of months after I started. I highly recommend Midwest Hair Academy.I believe it is one of the best hair schools, if not THE best, in the area.
Phil Hughes

Melanie GarciaMy name is Melanie Garcia and I graduated from Midwest Hair Academy in 2009. I was happy with the hands on training of haircuts, color, and perms. The instructor was very helpful and understood how to teach to every learning style.
Melanie Garcia

Dana StevensMy experience at Midwest Hair Academy was extraordinary. I had a lot of hands on experience with a wonderful teacher. Midwest Hair Academy gave me the tools and the work ethic to make it in a real salon. I graduated and went straight to a shop, feeling confident and ready to fulfill my dreams. I would not trade the experience I had for anything.
Dana Stevens

Violeta TrujilloHello, my name is Violeta. I graduated from Midwest Hair Academy in September, 2008. Midwest Hair Academy is a school where everything is hands on. I believe this is the best way to learn, when you deal with real people. MHA is a friendly environment where you can make friends and get a career. Come and join Midwest Hair Academy.
Violeta Trujillo